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Lion Heart Utopia Training camp

*holistic triathlon camp, suitable for amateurs
**along the sports track of “Lion’s Heart Utopia”

💪 Muscle, sweat and tears do not guarantee the successful completion of Lion Heart Utopia.
Lionheart cross-triathlon events are multi-component: mass start, open water navigation, changing sports, cross country terrain, steep descent on unstable terrain, sun and insects. Any of these specifics can be crucial for your performance.
👉Therefore, this year, we decided to help prepare those of you who want to perform better, finish smiling and learn the ins and outs of triathlon by offering a comprehensive sports camp in the week before the race.
👉 The camp is aimed at current and future competitors who have no competition experience or want to improve their performance thanks to number of specialized coaches and trainers.
During the Triathlon camp our team of professionals will pay special attention to:
👉get to know the specifics of the sport triathlon with individual focus on the three separate disciplines:
🏊 swimming; 🚴‍♀️cycling and 🏃 running and their unification in the respective distances;
👉one-on-one tips to improve race performance, to warm-up and cool-down before and after sport activities, bike position and stance, basic technical knowledge of track crashes, strategy and power distribution during the race and much more;
👉get to know the competition track of the Lion’s Heart Utopia and its characteristic in order to diminish the chance of making mistakes when crossing it;
👉preparation for the complex technical sections;
👉necessary equipment and recovery during the competition;
👉last but not least: mental preparation “before”; “during” and “after” the competition.

👉 Swimming:
– swimming in open water;
– navigation;
– breathing techniques;
– distribution of forces;
– how to approach cooler water

👉 Cycling:
– useful uphill tips;
– safe descent techniques;
– navigation;
– tips when changing in T1 and T2;
– technical advice on bike stand;
– basic technical skills to maintain a racing bike

👉 Running:
– mobility;
– energization;
– correct distribution of the energy reserve;
– navigation;
– avoid injuries

What does the camp include?
✔ training and theoretical part
✔ classes with a triathlon coach; athletics coach; cycling coach; swimming coach
✔ lecture part (recovery, nutrition, etc.)
✔ 6 nights at the Utopia Forest Hotel
✔ 6 breakfasts
✔ discount for the restaurant and special surprises from our hosts in Utopia Forest
✔ entrance to the incredible community of triathletes with Lion hearts

💲Camp price
Varies in regards to the type of accommodation
From BGN 640. per person, in a double room for registration until 15.03.2023.
From BGN 740. for registration until 20.04.2023.


Contact us at:
For details related to the types of accommodation and bed base, contact Utopia Forest directly at +359 877 998 530.
For individual registration (if you do not have a companion for double accommodation); more information about the camp program, the structures and additional activities, do not hesitate to call us on +359 889 777 316.

⚠️ The number of participants is limited!
⚠️ Free cancellation before 20.04.2023.
⚠️ Registration for the camp is valid upon transfer of 50% of the amount. The remaining 50% must be transferred by the end of April 2023.
⚠️ The type of cycling training is with MTB bikes.
⚠️ Only those registered for the camp receive a detailed training program.
⚠️ The camp is suitable for triathlon beginners and intermediates who can make significant progress with little adjustments.
⚠️ The event will be held with a minimum of 10 registered participants.
⚠️ Deadline for registration is 20.04.2023.

The coaches

Dancho Nechev
-> Over the years, he participated in a large number of national and international competitions in various sports and disciplines, with which he laid a good foundation for a set of knowledge and skills for the sports competitive training of athletes.
-> Initiates the creation of the “Green Way” sports club. There he begins his practice as a coach. In 2014, he coached a national mountain bike team.

Nadejda Mladenova
-> National Shotokan Karate competitor; World Champion in the -55kg category since 2014 (22nd SKDUN World Shotokan Championship, Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland)
-> Person who helps people achieve their goals, sports results or simply improving their health.
-> Certified in the Primal Movement Chains system of the company Stop Chasing Pain – the concept is working with psychosomatic-related pain and problems related to emotions.
-> Captain of Adidas Runners Sofia – initiative of the sports brand adidas, which I lead for Bulgaria
-> Certified specialist in sports nutrition according to the Precision Nutrition system

Tsvetelin Ivanov
-> Known among his friends as Tsutso, the mountain bike veteran Tsvetelin Ivanov has been on the MTB scene for over 20 years.He performs in multiple disciplines: Dirt Jump, XC, Dual slalom, Downhill, Enduro, Fourcross and Trial.
-> One of the founders of the Pulse wheel factory; Owner of EPIC bikeshop.
-> Wheels for Tsutso are like watches for many people. Real geek about assembling, maintaining, repairing and refurbishing all kinds of bikes.

The place:

“Utopia Forest combines the most utopian features of life as you know it: a picturesque cool forest and magnetic dunes created by salty sea breeze. At the disposal of every guest in Utopia Forest there are 15 double rooms, 3 studios, one VIP apartment and 6 single-family VIP houses.
Utopia Forest is a definition of a perfect world different from the real one. While searching for perfection, we have created a place that anyone would describe using these words exactly. But above all stands the utopia that together we will create in you.”
👉 In Utopia Forest you will have at your disposal:
– outdoor area for sports
– free library
– outdoor area for recreation and use of the “lagoon”
– outdoor and indoor children’s corner
– free parking
– super speed internet

👉For an additional fee:
– possibility to use a boutique relaxation area
– possibility to use playstation room and game room
– possibility to rent bicycles
– possibility to use a charging station for electric cars